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  1. Audrey Gebauer

    What do you use to color your artwork? My mom asked so I thought I’d make an account to ask. Do you use paint tool sai or just find pictures on the Internet for your back grounds. Please let me know soon. Thanks

    1. Hello Audrey! The software I normally use is sketchbook pro to do the basic drawing and coloring, then I use photo editors such as Pixlr, Handyphoto, Repix, and many more. Then I connect to my computer and load up my artwork and post from there. Although I use sketchbook pro to draw, I like using Clip Studio Paint which is very similar to Paint tool sai, I highly recommend this software if you’re serious about artwork, although it’s a very pricy application, it’s an amazing art tool that I think you would enjoy!
      Hopefully I answered your question! Here’s a link to Clip studio paint!


      1. Another thing I should mention is the fact that in order to use any type of drawing software, it’s highly recommended to get a large sized tablet such as a kindle fire, Ipad, or any other drawing tablet. Another thing you can do is get a computer tablet with a pen, it’s basically the tablet is a representation of your computer screen while the pen is your mouse. It takes a while to get used to but I think you’ll get by 🙂

        Hopefully this helped! Here’s a link to amazon for some recommended drawing tools!